CyberSecurity for the Financial Market

Speaker: Dr. Francis Lau
Cybersecurity is the measure or tools which could protect computer systems from theft of or damage to their hardware, software or electronic data, which might also lead to disruption or misdirection of their original function. Some common tools include controlling physical access to system hardware, protecting hardware against harm from online access or suspicious data (or program code). Effective Cybersecurity measures could help to reduces the risk of cyberattack, and protects companies from any unauthorised abuse of systems, networks and technologies. This program will explore some incidents which might lead to potential threats to cybersecurity, and concerns from regulators on the issue from different aspect. Speaker will also discuss about what shall be done to make sure ourselves are prepared in terms of cybersecurity.

- incidents posting potential threats to cybersecurity
- Regulators’ concern/ expectations on different areas
     -risk management
     -system and network infrastructure
     -security monitoring and surveillance
     -data backup and contingency  
     -raising cybersecurity awareness
- Assess your readiness
     - Are you ready?
     - What should frontline staff do to prepare for this?
Speaker: Dr. Francis Lau
Medium of Instruction: English
IFPHK:2.00IFPHK (Compulsory):0.00
MPFA (Core):0.00MPFA (Non Core):2.00
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